BT60B / BT75BE

In the past, the concrete floor was mainly used as a base floor or in industrial environments. Nowadays, the concrete floor is present in every interior and it is precisely this industrial look that is popular in all kinds of styles and finish types. But finishing the floor in an enclosed space, for example in renovation projects, or in critical environments such as the food industry, has always been difficult.

The battery empowered Edger Trowel from BT offers a zero emission solution to these problems.
Equipped with a Lithium high quality battery the BT60B and the BT75BE from Beton Trowel NV is developed starting from the current design taking into consideration the ergonomic operation and guarantees identical processing results as with the well-known combustion engine machines.

Further advantages are :

  • Completely emission-free : no exhaust nuisance and a better CO2 footprint for your construction project.
  • No (potentially deadly) carbon monoxide poisonings.
  • No need for open doors and windows and therefore no drafts. As a result, no (local) accelerated and uncontrolled dehydration that often led to ugly cracks and a more porous surface : it means a significant increase in wear resistance and quality of the top layer!
  • No more temporary (and expensive) forced ventilation systems needed.
  • Considerable noise level reduction.
  • No spillage on the fresh floor when refilling gasoline.
  • No interference from 220/ 380V cables during finishing.

Furthermore, the batteries are easy to change due to the large power plug and weight only 11kg.
The total weight of the machine is comparable to gasoline models and under normal use and concrete composition, be able to work continuously for at least 1 hour without battery change.
The available fast charger (230V or 110V) fully fills the battery in less than 3 hours. The machine is low maintenance : no oil change, no gasoline.

Model Operating Diameter Engine Options Handle Type Weight
BT60B 60cm (24″) Electric 1.2 kW, variable speed Folding 68 Kg
BT75BE 75cm (30″) Electric 1.7 Kw, variable speed Folding 80 Kg

BT90B Battery Trowel with operation diameter 90cm (36”) will become available from Oct1, 2021.

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BT60b Battery Edger Trowel

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