BTCS350H Vloeren zaag


The BTCS350H saw is a very lightweight and compact floor saw for asphalt and concrete cutting. This saw is ideal for job sites that are difficult to access and for small repair jobs. A 14 inch (350mm) diamond saw blade can be installed and the maximum cutting depth is 120mm. The BTCS350H is very easy to handle and can be transported in a small vehicle.

The Main Features are :

  • Easy to transport. Very light weight facilitating transport and handling.
  • Adjustable handle and extendable right rear wheel for increased stability.
  • Low vibrations : the engine and blade shaft mounting system increases the comfort and gives excellent cutting performance.
  • Low maintenance. : the sealed blade shaft system allows for a minimum of 200 maintenance-free hours without daily greasing of bearings.
  • Adjustable handles provide a closer and more comfortable position to the cutting side for easier alignment and straighter cuts. Handle can also be folded for transport.
  • Clear depth indicator.
Model BT CS 350
Engine Honda Gx270 9HP
Maximum blade capacity 14″ / 350mm
Maximum cutting depth 120mm
Weight 69 kg

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