Beton Wide Floor Truss Screed

  • Built in sections to maximum length of 15M
  • All aluminium frame construction with unique cast “A” frame
  • Bolted frame construction eliminates weld failure and allows easy alignment and easy low cost replacement of damaged parts
  • Powerful combination of vibration frequency and amplitude for excellent concrete compaction and removal of air voids
  • Front blade is T shaped to cut through the concrete and rear blade is L shaped to leave a perfect level finish
  • Heavy duty winches for ease of operation
  • Accurate to plus or minus 3mm across whole Screed.
  • Finest Japanese sealed bearings for trouble free operation
Section length option 10 ft (3.15m) 8ft (2.54m) 5 ft (1.52m) 2.5 ft ( .76m)
Section Width .38m
Section Heigth .40m
Weight per M 12 Kg
Eccebtricvibration shaft speed 2800 RPM
Centrifugal force/unit length 220 N/M @ 2800 RPM
Power section includes Honda 9 HP power kit, end handles complete with winches and cables.

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