Compaction Rammers

  • Enclosed frames for engine protection withhoist hook recess
  • Cast aluminium throttle for durability and comfortable operator control
  • Ductile iron base for strength and longevity
  • Cast aluminium enclosed belt guard protects clutch from soil and sand ingress
  • Hydraulic reversing mechanism with flexible
  • Manouverability allows forward and backward and on the spot compaction
  • Models with intergrated transport wheels
  • Rubber mat options
Model Engine Weight Plate Size Jump Impact Impact (per min)
BTR60H HONDA GX100 60KG 300 X 250mm 30-70mm 9,8kN 600-695
BTR76H Honda GXR120 76KG 300 X 280mm 50-75mm 13,7kN 640-680
BTR78Y Yanmar L48 Diesel 78KG 300 X 280mm 50-75mm 15,7kN 640-680

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Compaction Rammers
Compaction Rammers

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