Power Trowels BT75 & BT90

BT75 & BT90 concrete trowels for the building contractor or rental company.
Proven reliable, robust and managable.

The BT power trowel is the professional finishers right arm. the combination of weight, balance and blade span provides an all round performance that is unequaled.

  • tri-tube lateral welded handle for strength. all control cables run inside the three handle tubes for maximum protection
  • body contoured handle bar for control & safety
  • dual stop controls – deadman & centrifugal
  • chromed handle and guard ring for easy cleaning
  • precision engineered gearbox and spider assembly for trouble free long life.
  • spider arms fully adjustable to maintain exact blade balance and eliminate machine wobble
  • lifting hook fitted standard to bt75 & bt90
  • full options of blades and float pans – finish, combination, float shoes, plastic blades.
  • blades and pans standard to many well known make of machines
  • 24 month warranty on machine and engine


Model Operating Diameter Engine Options Handle Type Weight
BT75H 75cm (30″) Honda GX160, 5.5 HP Rigid Tri-tube dual safety 76 Kg
BT90H160 90cm (36″) Honda GX160, 5.5 HP Rigid Tri-tube dual safety 78 Kg
BT90H270 90cm (36″) Honda GX270, 9 HP Rigid Tri-tube dual safety 82 Kg
BT90E 90cm (36″) Electric 230V 2.2kw variable speed Rigid Tri-tube dual safety 84 Kg
BT90YDK 90cm (36″) Yanmar L48N Rigid Tri-tube dual safety 78 Kg

Download Spec Sheet

Power trowel BT120H270-BT120H340-BT120H390
Power trowel BT120H270-BT120H340-BT120H390
Power trowel BT90YDK
Power trowel BT75H

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